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Are Movers More Expensive on Weekends?

It's a question that pops up now and again when people are wondering when is the cheapest time to move home, is it more expensive to hire a mover at the weekend and equally, are movers cheaper on weekdays?

Well, the short answer is yes, it is generally more expensive to hire a mover at the weekend and therefore cheaper on weekdays, but let's take a look at the factors which affect the mover costs for weekends and weekdays for a clearer picture.

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Weekend Demand for Moving in London

There's no doubt that weekends are the busiest time for movers, whether it's Saturday or Sunday most people just want to move at the weekend so they don't have to take any time off work.

This seems like a great plan at first, until you realise everyone else in London is doing the same! The increase in moving requests inevitably puts pressure on availability (especially if combined with the busier summer period) and forces movers to prioritise jobs to make the most of the peak demand.

Mover Availability at Weekends

It's fair to say weekends can get quite busy for movers in London, and during the summer months on occasion quite insanely so. Hence it stands to reason there will be less availability, despite most movers' best attempts at booking in as many moves as they think they can handle on a typical 12-hour shift.

So the bottom line is, moving at the weekend is not only likely to be marginally more expensive but it's also less likely you're going to get your preferred moving time, which can be a problem if you have other considerations like picking up the keys for your new home at a certain time for example.

So How Much More Expensive is it to Move at the Weekend?

It really depends on the mover. Despite the usual increase in demand at weekends, some movers will just look to fill their slots at their 'normal' rate and then decline any further jobs once fully booked, whereas others may increase their rates to reflect the extra demand and try to cram in as many as they can.

So the cost to move at weekends could be around the same as a weekday move with some movers but maybe about 20% higher with others. For an average man and van move in London that might not be a game changer, but the increase in weekend prices could occasionally be much higher and you may also have to contend with the reduced availability.

Are Movers Cheaper on Weekdays?

It's not so much that mover rates are cheaper on weekdays, but rather if things are looking a bit quiet during the week there's no obvious pressure to quote a higher rate. Most movers would rather just keep busy with a steady stream of work.

Having said that, if a particular weekday is looking well under-booked and you happen to choose that as your preferred slot a few days in advance, you may get a very competitive quote if the mover really needs to book some jobs in and doesn't want to risk putting a customer off by quoting too highly.

Moving During a Weekday

There is a difference between a weekend and a weekday move, although it also depends on which part of London you're moving to or from. Generally, a weekday move is usually a bit more leisurely as the mover is less likely to have to rush off asap to the next job and can focus a bit more on the customer service side of things.

That's not to say a weekend move won't receive the same level of service, it's just that if you know you have a load of jobs to complete you'll naturally have less time to chat shall we say, and are always keeping one eye on the time. During a weekday move, it just tends to be more relaxed.

Are Movers Worth It?

Obviously we're biased but yes 100% movers are worth it and are going to make your move a much easier experience, regardless of whether you move at the weekend or during the week. The only time it might not be worth it is if you literally only have a couple of suitcases and can hop on the bus, but that's not a realistic situation for most.

For those on a tight budget, there are some other ways to reduce moving costs without having to resort to doing 10 trips in an Uber or something similar, and if you can move on a weekday who knows you could get lucky and end up paying a bit less than you would if you'd gone for a weekend move.

Last Word on Weekend and Weekday Moves

As mentioned, the most likely reason most people want to move at the weekend is primarily because they don't want to (or can't) take time off work to move. This is the number one reason for the increased demand for removal services during the weekend.

Think of it like everyone parking in the supermarket car park as close to the entrance as possible. All that extra stress just to save yourself a few yards walk that will only take a matter of seconds, when you could be the smart one who parks as far away from the entrance as possible to get yourself a nice and easy stress-free parking space away from all the chaos.

That's what moving on a weekday can be like (although it's not guaranteed).

When you weigh it all up, if you can move during the week it tends to be a more relaxed experience, you're more likely to get your preferred slot, and who knows you may also get a slightly more favourable price.

Happy moving!

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