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Can I travel in the Van with the Movers?

Any van that has spare passenger seats can normally be used by customers to get to their destination, but there are occasions when this might not be possible.

Most man and van movers in London would much rather that customers travel in the van with their belongings, because it reduces the chance of delays in unloading if they arrive at the destination before you.

Spare Seats in Moving Van

Moving in London Soon? Choose a Move and ask to Hop in for the Ride!

We often get asked by customers if they can ride in the van with the Movers, and the short answer is usually yes, but only if there is available seating. So we've listed some quick situations where this may or may not be possible.

Move involving single driver/helper

This is the most likely chance of there being an available seat or two, depending on the van size. Most have two spare seats, so if it's a smallish move involving just the driver / helper then you (and possibly a friend) could likely hop in the van and save yourselves the tube or bus fare.

Two man crew

Mover vans usually have three seats; one for the driver and two passenger seats, so if you've booked a two man removals team the chances are there will be only one available seat, but that assumes the Movers are not on the way to a full move after yours and happen to have a third Mover in the van for the ride, ready for the next job!

Three man moving team

If you have a three man team turning up, then it's a certainty there won't be any spare seats and you'll need to plan how you will get to the destination address to meet the Movers there.

Can't I just jump in the back of the van?

No, under no circumstances should you or anyone else travel unsecured in the back of the van with your belongings. Apart from it being likely illegal, it would invalidate the insurance and could obviously be highly dangerous. Please do not ask the driver to let you travel in the back of the van.

Check and confirm with Mover when booking

The best thing to do is ask at the time of booking whether you and/or a friend can travel in the van, but please be aware that moving schedules can change so if another move is booked before or after yours that requires more helpers, it may not be possible.

So always have a back up plan of how you will get to your destination if you need to, which thankfully isn't usually too difficult in London.

Happy Moving!

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