The easy way to book a reliable London 'Man with a Van'

How much notice should I give when booking a Man with a Van?

We often get asked how far in advance a job should be booked, and although a few days is 'usually' enough the true answer is it varies depending on several factors.

During particularly busy periods, such as the summer time, it's often advisable to book a week or two in advance, but again you never really know what availability will be like until you submit a request as it changes so quickly.

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Don't leave it until the last minute, book your move the easy way.

Short notice bookings

People have become accustomed to getting all kinds of services on demand, and for things like hiring a taxi for example that works great - for others not always so.

Yes there are London based removals websites around that offer a supposedly 24/7 service at a moments notice, but to provide that kind of blanket coverage inevitably means using a very large database of self employed van drivers, who by virtue of being so readily available are usually operating at the lower end of the market on the equivalent of 'zero hours' conditions. As such it's more of a gamble on what kind of service you will end up getting.

Professional Mover companies operate in a different way. Yes they may be available for a same day job, but if possible it's always better to book in advance. The reason for this is simple, they don't tend to have a small army of employees and vehicles strategically located all over London on hand to spring into action as soon as they get the call.

A 'dedicated' Mover, which means they only do removals work, as opposed to using their vans for all sorts of other jobs (wink wink), normally needs to plan and schedule moves for the days and sometimes weeks ahead to ensure they can provide maximum reliability, and can comfortably complete each job within the expected time frame before moving on to the next one.

However, if it's a quiet period, who knows.. they may be able to get to you within an hour, but by leaving it until the last minute to arrange and book your move, it's just increasing the chances of being disappointed.

Having said that, we know some jobs can be unavoidably urgent and you just need a man (or men) and van like now, and our Movers will always do their best to accommodate you. But logic dictates there's always going to be a greater chance of getting your preferred slot if you can book in advance.

So how much notice is advised?

- Mid summer is the busiest period for most London man and van Movers, so during this time the more notice you can give the better. Definitely a week or two, although if you're flexible you may get lucky with a short notice booking.

- Weekend's tend to be busier than weekdays because that's usually when most people want to move. So at least a week's notice is a good idea if you want to secure a weekend move at your preferred time.

- Weekday moves usually require a few days notice if possible, but during a quiet period this is your best chance for getting a last minute booking. If there's an available van, chances are they can get to you pretty quickly wherever you are in London.

Mover's Tip for last minute jobs

Remember whoever reads your request is human and they respond accordingly. The more useful info you give the better, and even a little explanation of why you need the job doing at such short notice can help, rather than a short and demanding 'want it now' type of request.

And if you have a little bit of flexibility, who knows.. ;)

Have a great move!

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