The easy way to book a reliable London 'Man with a Van'

Is there anything a Mover won't shift?

From garden waste to builder's rubble, Movers can sometimes get fussy about what goes in the back of the van.. especially if it's going to leave a big unsightly mess all over the place.

Although some Movers are happy to transport whatever is requested, the majority have a few items that are a clear no-no, so let's have a look to see what these are.


Crates of wine and beer

Movers quite often get asked to transport goods for wedding receptions and various hospitality events, some of which can be on a very large scale. There's no reason why this kind of load can't go in the back of the van, but check individual Mover's terms and insurance cover first especially if you're planning on moving expensive vintage bottles.

Ikea Furniture

The problem with Ikea pick ups is it often requires military planning with the timing, even on a relatively quiet week day. Try and do it at the weekend at a busy London depot and your average Mover is most likely going to politely decline (normally by apologising for being fully booked). You just have to keep ringing around until you find that one lone Man and Van who will do it.


Occasionally Movers get asked to take a van load of suitcases to the airport, presumably because they don't fit in the taxi. In theory this is doable, but as with the Ikea jobs it can be unpredictable, involve waiting around for an unspecified amount of time and as a result be difficult (and costly) to quote on. Another one for the 'ring around until you strike it lucky' department.


There's no real reason why motorbikes cannot be transported in a Movers van, provided they are properly secured. The main challenge is getting them in the van in the first place as they can weigh a tonne. Search for a Man and Van that specifically states they move bikes as they'll be geared up for it with a suitable ramp and strong enough straps to safely secure it.

Trash bags full of rubbish

Most people have a few bin bags of clothes along with their boxes when they're moving, but if you're looking to get a load of them full of rubbish taken to the tip then you really should be looking for a legitimate waste disposal service. Check they're properly licensed or you could be prosecuted if it turns out you've hired a fly tipper. Your waste is your responsibility until it's legally disposed of.


Usually the mere mention of a piano sends most Movers into a state of panic. Unless it's practically a kids toy then you'll need to find a specialist Mover that moves pianos as part of their service. There are in fact many around so it shouldn't be too hard finding one, just make sure you read every review and request a copy of the insurance terms.


We all like a fury friend and most Movers will be happy to give them a lift as long as they're well behaved and secured as appropriate. Depending on the passenger space and size of the animal or cage in question they can often travel along with you in the front - check with the individual Mover before booking though to make sure they're OK with it.

Garden waste and rubble

This one's a definite no unfortunately, not least because Mover's vans need to be kept relatively nice and clean in the back for their customer's belongings. In addition as with other types of rubbish and waste, it needs to be disposed of legally by licensed waste disposal operators.

Other Stuff

Obviously we can't list everything on here but as a general rule if it doesn't cause a mess, can be transported legally and safely, and it can be put in the back of the van without too much bother then chances are most Movers will gladly shift it for you.

Happy Moving!

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