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Should I Tip the Movers?

When moving home people often wonder whether they should pay a tip to the workers, or even if it's actually expected of you to tip the removal men.

So let's quickly run through some of the common scenarios, dispel any worries and hopefully leave you fully prepared to face your move without any unnecessary discomfort on the tipping front.

Paying a tip to the Movers

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The quandary of whether to tip the Movers can often cause undue stress and worry that may even keep you awake at night in the final run up to the big day. Should I tip?.. if so how much?.. or shall I just pretend innocence and power through come any awkward moment..?

Before you know it, this can become the single most stressful concern of the entire move! So time to clear up a few uncertainties on the etiquette of tipping the Movers..

Am I obliged to tip the Movers?

Although a tip is always going to be very welcome, especially after a good service, there's no 'obligation' to tip to the Movers either when moving home or for any other man and van service. It is purely down to the discretion of the customer as to whether they would like to pay a tip or not and you should never feel pressured to do so.

Are the removal men expecting a tip?

No, they shouldn't be 'expecting' a tip, but ideally be motivated enough to ensure they provide the kind of 5 star service that is more likely to result in being paid a tip. But even then the Movers know there is no guarantee of any additional financial recognition for their efforts above what has already been agreed in the original quote, and shouldn't feel aggrieved if none is forthcoming. They'll be happy enough that the move went well and you're a satisfied customer.

When might I consider tipping?

The decision on whether to pay a tip is a personal one. Some people are naturally more inclined to than others, but generally if you have been provided with a truly excellent service in all respects you may actually really want to recognise the Movers efforts with an added remuneration, so it's worth being prepared to do so if you feel that may be the case.

Do I tip at the start of the job or the end?

It's definitely a better idea to leave any tipping to when the job is completely finished and the Mover(s) are about to leave or take payment for the job. At that point you will have really made up your mind whether you think a tip is merited.

Okay, I'm going to tip if they do a really good job, but how much?

As long as it's something you can comfortably afford and you're very happy with the work, as a rule of thumb about 10% is reasonable. That's simple enough if you just have one Mover / helper, but with a bigger crew it might be better to just tip the leader (in the presence of the others) and say something like.. "thanks guys, let me buy you breakfast" or whatever is appropriate.

Is it okay to tip in cash?

Paying a tip by cash directly to the Mover(s) who helped you is often the easiest way of showing your gratitude, however depending on how the particular removal company is taking payment for the job it may sometimes be better to add it on to the overall bill, so best to just ask.

Happy Moving!

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