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When Is the Best Time of Year to Move House?

If you’re in a position to choose when you want to move house, this can make life a lot easier. The best time of year for moving home depends on your circumstances. If you have children, a job, a partner, or elderly relatives, you might need to take extra care in choosing when to move.

best time of year to move house

Other factors you might want to consider are weather conditions and increased costs during holidays. Moving over a bank holiday, for example, could leave you stuck in traffic for longer than you might like. And moving in the winter could result in travel disruption due to bad weather. Not to mention, you might be carrying boxes in freezing hail!

So with these factors in mind, let’s look at the best time of year to move house.

Best time of year to move house with children

The summer holidays are the best choice for moving with children. This gives you a 5-6 week window to choose when to move. It also allows your children to complete the school year with their class, say their goodbyes and then prepare for starting a new school in September. This can be much less daunting for children than moving in the middle of the school year. You can also make the most of summer activities to keep your children occupied when you pack, move and then unpack.

Best time of year to move house with elderly relatives

Any time in the summer is best for moving elderly relatives. Moving to a new area during the winter when the sun sets in the early afternoon may leave them confused. They will be unable to get to know their local area as the evenings close in. Moving in the summer will allow them to get used to their new surroundings.

Best time of year to move house and save money

If you want to save money on your move, avoid moving during peak time such as the summer. The first week of July is often when students move from their university accommodation into their shared houses and flats. This can be a very busy time for movers.

Since lots of people want to get moving in the summer, it can help to choose a quiet time for the best quotes. Late autumn when the weather is still mild can be an excellent choice. It also means that you will be settled into your new home in time for Christmas and New Year.

Best time of year to move house based on weather

Weather in London can be unpredictable, which makes it more difficult to choose a time to move house. In the heat of the summer, the temperature can easily creep above 30°C. If you want to avoid moving during a heatwave, book your movers for the milder weather of autumn or spring. Movers tend to slow down between September and November, so this could be a great time to move that avoids the worst of the British weather and keeps costs down.

Best time of year to move house based on holidays

While moving house between Christmas and New Year is possible, it’s going to be difficult. Remember that many places close down between this period, so while your movers might be up and running, estate agents and solicitors might not be. Things like paying deposits can also be more difficult or even arranging for your internet to be connected. And if something goes wrong, you could be left waiting until the new year to get it fixed. This is why we would avoid a move over the Christmas holidays if possible. Moving during a bank holiday will also carry a premium.

Best time of the month to move house

Mid-month is better than the end of the month as your movers will have greater availability. Since many rental agreements will run monthly from the start of the month to the end of the month, this is a very popular time to move house. Moving in the middle of the month can help to keep costs down while also giving your flexibility on the time and day.

Best time of the week to move house

Movers are more in demand towards the end of the week, so moving on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will often be cheaper and offer more flexibility on the time slot. And if you’re moving house in London, you’ll face a lot less traffic.

Best time of day to move house

An early bird catches the worm, and this is no different for house moves. Being the first on the list for the day has its obvious advantages. Small delays throughout the day can lead to later bookings being nudged back. By being the first on the books, you can get your move done early and then you’ll have the rest of the day to unpack and settle in.

Man With A Van is available year-round to help you with your house move. With a wide network of movers, we can help you with your London move.

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