The easy way to book a reliable London 'Man with a Van'

Why use us?

With literally hundreds of London Movers and websites out there, what makes us any different and why should you use us?

Well, probably the first thing to say is we've been around since 2003 and rather than use a large army of self-employed van drivers we only partner with a relatively small selection of dedicated Mover companies with a proven track record of providing a trustworthy and professional service.

Removal vans in London

So how does it work?

Our Movers cover the whole of London providing a Man with a Van service ranging from small moves to full home and office removals, normally 7 days a week.

When you submit a request through us, our system will allocate one of our trusted Movers to provide you with a quote. During office hours (and often outside) quotes are normally supplied within an hour.

If you decide to proceed all you need to do is reply to our Mover and book your slot.

Although it is normally advisable to try and book a few days in advance, our Movers also do short notice jobs when availability allows. Not quite 'on demand' but not far off.

We know our Movers

We know every one of our Mover companies well, and most have been with us for years.

We know they are completely reliable, provide a professional level of service at a fair and competitive rate, and only do dedicated removals work using their own experienced removals staff.

And just to make sure standards are continually maintained, we always request feedback and reviews from every customer.

How much does it cost?

Depending on what the job entails and how many helpers you need, our man and van prices in London are aimed at being affordable and fair, with rates that include a helpful working driver as standard..

Of course you can always find cheaper, but in our experience there's a lot that can go wrong with removals work if it's not done properly and with adequate resources.

Can't I just find a Mover myself?

Yes of course you could, but you would need to sift through loads of sites, which these days can all look very convincing regardless of what the service is really like.

Then do your time consuming research, check rates, question how long they've been in business, do they seem trustworthy, read the reviews, try and work out if they are genuine, etc etc.

And if you don't strike lucky first time, you'll have to do it all over again, and again, until you find the right one. Why bother when we've essentially already done all that for you?

Book your move the easy way.

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