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Moving with social distancing

What you can do to help (last updated 4th July 2020):

  • Wash hands before move and use hand gel as required
  • Leave open all windows and internal doors
  • Open exit door and have goods stacked up close to exit
  • Maintain a distance of 'one metre plus' from your Mover
  • Wear a facemask and gloves if preferred
  • Travel separately to destination if/as required (check with Mover)

This information is intended as a quick and simple guide to assist with moving home and goods during a period when social distancing measures are in place. Please be aware different Mover companies will have their own individual policies and you should check to confirm what these are directly with your Mover when you receive your quote. Please note these are guidelines only, and we can accept no responsibility for the way in which they are interpreted or adhered to by Movers or customers.

Further info: Coronavirus Statement