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How much notice should I give?

Although our Movers are often available at short notice, it's always best to try and book at least a few days in advance and if possible aim for weekdays which are usually less busy. It also helps if you can mention any flexibility on time or dates you have when completing your request.

How quickly will I receive my quote?

During normal business hours you will usually receive your quote within an hour or so (although it may take a bit longer during busy periods). If you submit your request outside of office hours, you will normally receive your quote the following working morning.

Are all areas of London covered?

Yes, all of our Movers are London based and normally provide a service covering the entire London postcode area (please note that this is a London only service, and no moves are provided going outside of the London area / long distance).

Can I move a single item across London?

No unfortunately we do not provide a single item service, such as single items of furniture like a sofa or bed etc, so you would need to find another provider for that.

Is there a minimum charge?

Yes, there is normally a two hour minimum charge policy, which is common for most established Movers that cover the whole of London because they must mitigate for some of the travel time to and from jobs which can be anywhere in London.

Do the Movers help with the loading and unloading?

Yes, a helpful working driver will assist with all carrying, loading and unloading of the removals van, and the option to hire further helpers as required is usually available for a modest incremental increase on the overall hourly rate.

Do all Movers operate 7 days a week?

Most of our Movers do but not all (some do like a day off on Sunday) so please always include whatever flexibility you have for nearest alternative days, or in case your preferred time or day is already fully booked.

Can I buy moving boxes from you?

Not from us directly, but you can through our regular supplier who provide a next day delivery service. Good quality moving boxes will keep your belongings nice and secure and just makes moving a whole lot easier, see our removal boxes page for more info.

What size removal van do I need?

Unless you have limited access to your property there's normally no need to specify a removal van size. Just try to be reasonably accurate with your list of items to be moved, particularly the large ones, to ensure you are allocated a suitable van.

Can I move stuff to Europe?

No unfortunately we don't provide any moving services outside of London. If you need to move to Europe it may be advisable to search for a specialist continental Mover who carries out regular scheduled trips close to your required destination.

Can stuff be taken to the dump?

No because dump operators charge a large fee for commercial vehicles to use their facilities, which often renders the job financially unviable. Therefore we would advise using a licenced waste clearance company, as they will be able to provide the service at a more affordable rate.

For further info please see Why Use Us or for advice on keeping moving day stress to a minimum see our Moving Tips.

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