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What happens when I submit a request?

Once you press the submit button you will receive an immediate email acknowledgement and at the same time your request is automatically sent to a selection of our registered Movers who will provide their quotes directly to you. Read more about how it works.

How many quotes will I receive?

You should receive at least one quote and up to a maximum of three depending on various factors such as availability and location. If you decide to accept a particular quote you can then easily book and confirm your move directly with the Mover you have chosen to proceed with.

Are all areas of London covered?

Yes, all of our Movers are London based and normally provide a service within the entire London postcode area. In addition, long distance removals that either start or finish within London are also carried out.

Do the Movers help with the loading and unloading?

Yes, a helpful working driver will assist with the loading and unloading of the removals van, or if you prefer not to get involved with any of the lifting (or require more assistance for a larger move) the option to hire further helpers is usually available for a modest incremental increase on the overall hourly rate.

What size removal van do I need?

Unless you need a particular size of van for a specific reason such as limited access to your property, there's normally no need to specify a size. Just take care to be reasonably accurate with your list of goods, particularly the large items, to ensure you are allocated a van big enough for the job. For more info see our removal van sizes.

What types of removal services are provided?

All sizes of home removals, from typical Man with a Van moves in London from rooms, flatshares and studios, through to small flat removals and office moves, all the way up to large 3 and 4 bedroom flats and houses with all of the usual furniture and kitchen appliances. Our Mover's rates are transparent and competitive, see our costs to move home blog post for further information on average removal prices in London.

How about single items?

Our Movers often transport large single items that require a van within London, although please be aware there is usually a two hour minimum charge. If the item you need to move is of particularly low value it may sometimes be better to search for an unverified local man and a van, or if you need to move a low value single item long distance it is usually advisable to use a courier type of service that carries out regular nationwide runs rather than a dedicated moving company.

What about office removals?

Yes, small to medium size office removals are readily undertaken, and also larger office moves from commercial premises depending on the volume of office equipment and furniture to be moved. Because there are usually more variables involved when moving offices compared to a residential move, as much detail as possible should be included in your quote request. For example some businesses are happy to provide staff assistance with the move and some prefer that everything including the packing and IT relocation is carried out by the removals company, so please be as specific as possible with your requirements.

Can I move stuff to Europe?

It is possible depending on the requirements and load to be moved, however international moves are not usually undertaken due to the large expense and time involved which usually makes it financially unviable for anything other than the largest of moves. If you need to move a small load to Europe you would be advised to search for a specialist continental Mover who carries out regular scheduled trips close to your required destination or an international courier company.

What can't be moved?

Generally, anything messy such as garden or building waste cannot be moved using a removals van (although you may find some individual man and a van operators who will do so) as the inside of the vehicles need to be kept in a clean condition. Some Movers also prefer not to transport motorcycles or large valuable items like a piano which may require specialist equipment. It really depends on each removal company and what their own particular policy is.

For advice on keeping moving stress to a minimum, please see our Moving Tips

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