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Man with a Van provides a simple way to obtain quotes from our validated London based Movers who are all 100% reliable. It's designed to be as quick and easy as possible..

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1. Select your type of move.

On the homepage choose from the three different removal options, and decide which one best suits your needs. Don't worry if your particular job is slightly different or includes specific requirements, just select whichever move comes closest to what you need and then use the extra info field to provide the full details.

2. Complete your quote request form.

Once you have selected which type of removal you require, take your time and complete the simple quote request form by providing the full details of your move. Use the 'extra info' field to include any helpful additional information, which can save time by enabling an accurate quote to be given more quickly.

3. Submit your request.

After pressing the submit button you will receive an immediate auto-reply from us which will include the details of which of our Movers will be providing you with a quote. At the same time, your request is automatically sent to a selection of our Movers (from one to a maximum of three depending on availability) who will then provide their quotes directly to you.

4. Wait for your quote(s).

During office hours (and often outside) quotes are normally sent to you by email within an hour, although you may also receive a call especially if your request is for a short notice move. If your job is very urgent you can also contact our Movers directly before receiving your quote(s), by using the designated Mover's contact details which you will receive in your auto-reply.

5. When your quote arrives.

Quotes are provided either in the form of an hourly rate or a fixed price, which can vary depending on the type of job and the number of helpers required. If your preferred time or date is not available you may be offered an alternative option, or proactively request one if you have the flexibility.

6. Book your job.

Once you have made a decision on whether you wish to accept a particular quote, you can confirm and book your move directly with the Mover in question. Occasionally a deposit is required, or more often full payment is taken once the job is completed. It's important to ensure you only book with one Mover and keep a note of their details to hand so you can easily get in touch with the Mover again if you need to.

7. Prepare for your move.

Before your move, even if you are a seasoned veteran of moving home, it's worth spending just a few minutes reading our moving tips to ensure your removal goes as smoothly as possible. Much of it is common sense but it's sometimes easy to overlook some of the simple steps you can take to make your move easier especially with all the other tasks that will be demanding your attention at the time.

8. After it's all finished.

Once your move has been completed, we welcome any constructive comments which help us to monitor overall service levels and ensure we can continue to provide a great way to book a reliable move in London. Have a read of some of our recent feedback.

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