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Budget removals explained

There are many good Movers in London who provide what could be termed a bargain basement man and van service. The problem is the genuine ones are difficult to identify, normally very busy, and after a few months of working themselves into the ground usually suffer a premature burn out and go out of business.

Carrying out removals every day is hard physical work and trying to do it on too tight a shoestring inevitably means corners will eventually be cut and service levels will deteriorate. Legally required (but expensive) 'hire and reward' insurance won't be purchased, removal vans won't be properly maintained, good staff will leave and appointments will start being missed because something better turned up at the last minute.

Needless to say it's not the way to build up a reputable long lasting removals business, and even with the best of initial intentions it can unfortunately just be a matter of time before the pressure becomes too much and stereotypical white van man scrapheap beckons.

Sorry to paint such a negative picture, but unfortunately that is the reality and we often get contacted by people who have been let down at the last minute simply because they decided to hire the most cut price Mover they could find, in the often misplaced belief they might save a few pounds.

The reality

Apart from the reliability issues with bargain basement Movers who are simply trying to grab your attention with offers like 'lowest price guaranteed', the other problem is trying to work out what's actually included in the unusually low rates that you sometimes see advertised.

It can all get very confusing, not to mention a lot more expensive, when a whole list of potential extra charges get added to the mix especially if there are no appropriate confirmations given or website terms to refer to.

Amazingly low offers may sound fine initially but can often be impractical, open to interpretation and if not made entirely clear to everyone involved become a recipe for unpleasant disputes between customers and Movers if there's even the slightest misunderstanding on your moving day.

It's simply not possible to provide an ongoing reliable removals service for the kind of low hourly rates that are sometimes quoted without adding a variety of extra charges on top, and the amount you end up paying is often a lot more than you thought it would be.

It's not all bad though, bottom end of the market man and van Movers can provide a great service for small local removals, store pick ups and delivering that old sofa you bought on Gumtree for a tenner, but even then you have to be very careful to choose the right one and cost shouldn't be the number one concern.

For the sake of a few pounds

The good news is the difference in prices between the aforementioned and a reliable, well organised man and van company that's here to stay and takes customer service seriously is often minimal.

Affordable rates for a small removal among most of the established man van Movers in London usually start at around £40 per hour. The price will include assistance with loading and unloading from the driver (unless otherwise agreed) or if you would rather not get involved with any of the physical work or depending on the size of the move, the option of hiring further helpers as required is usually offered for a relatively modest increase on the overall hourly rate. For further information you can read more about man and a van costs on our blog.

A professional Man with a Van will also provide you with a detailed and transparent quote setting out exactly what you will be getting for your money, and if you accept they will confirm your booking by email. They will also have their own set of terms and conditions on their website, which although rarely required do act as a safeguard for both parties in the event of any misunderstanding or if something goes wrong.

Don't leave it to chance

Finally as an example, if you're having your windows cleaned then yes maybe it's worth just opting for the cheapest service available (no disrespect intended to window cleaners). But if you're going to allow someone to actually enter your home to move you and your personal belongings then surely it's worth being a little bit more discerning about who you use?

For the sake of a few pounds don't leave it to fate. Visit our homepage and get a quote from our trustworthy professionals who always turn up and will not let you down on the day.

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