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Payment Procedure

Details of payment, and our policy for non chargeable leads.

For account options see Mover FAQ's.

At the end of each calendar month the total number of Quote Requests you have been sent that month are calculated and a preliminary statement emailed to you. You then have five business days in which to notify us of any non chargeable requests received during the month (see below). A final invoice will then be raised and emailed to you. Payment of the outstanding balance is by bank transfer only and due within five business days.

  • Preliminary statement emailed to you
  • Deduction for any non chargeable requests
  • Final invoice emailed to you
  • Invoice payable by bank transfer

Non chargeable requests

We have various security measures in place to protect the integrity of our Quote Request system and to filter out unwanted enquiries. However, a small percentage of requests received will qualify as non chargeable under our comprehensive no charge policy. For full details see Terms.

We keep a note of non valid requests as they are submitted and automatically deduct them from your invoice at the end of each month. In addition you may also wish to keep a separate folder in which to place any such requests as they are received, so they can be easily identified at the end of the month if necessary.

Please note that non chargeable request claims cannot be rolled over to subsequent months, and if we have not received any notification after five business days of the preliminary statement being issued it will be assumed that there are no claims for any non chargeable requests to be deducted.

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