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Mover Questions

See below for details on lead prices, free trials and general FAQs.

What is the cost of a Quote Request?

There are two separate pay-per-lead account options subject to availability (price on application).

Option 1: Two Movers receive the same lead.
Option 2: Lead is sent exclusively to one Mover only.

(VAT is not applicable as is currently being operated as a business within the VAT threshold).

Can we try before we decide?

Yes. You can receive Quote Requests on a free trial basis until you are entirely satisfied this service is beneficial to you. If you are not already receiving a free trial, contact us via the Movers page to request one.

What about the quality of the Requests?

The quality of our leads has always been high, which is one of the reasons our Movers stay with us. All enquiries are made directly through our website and our policy of only partnering with professional reliable Movers has enabled us to build a strong and growing reputation.

What if a lead is invalid?

There are no charges for any unusable Quote Requests or duplicates that may occasionally slip through our filtering process and are covered by our extensive and detailed no charge policy, and all such leads are deducted at the end of each month.

How many Movers receive a Request?

As above there are two different options. You may receive leads with one other Mover or you can opt to receive leads exclusively.

How quickly do we receive each Request?

As soon as the customer presses the submit button the Quote Request is automatically sent to your specified email address. You can then provide your quote directly to the customer as soon as you are able to do so.

How are the Requests paid for?

At the end of each calendar month a statement is issued by email and after deductions for any non chargeable requests a final invoice is then sent which is payable by Bank Transfer within 5 business days.

Can we stop/start our account as required?

Within reason but ideally we need to work in partnership with Movers who are able to offer a continuous service as this helps us to maintain the low number of Movers who receive each Quote Request.

Can we cancel if we need to?

Yes. You may cancel your involvement with at any time that you choose. See the cancellations section of our Terms for full details.

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