The easy way to book a reliable London 'Man with a Van'

Making every lead count

Your quoting method has a big effect on the number of leads converted into bookings

Quick response

It goes without saying that the faster you can reply to a quote request the higher your chances of making a booking. Try and aim to supply your quote within one to two hours during office hours (and the following morning for quote requests received outside of office hours).

Initial intro

It's a good idea to start all quotes with ' Thank you for your enquiry sent through' as standard, so the customer instantly knows where the quote is coming from and connects your company with the quote request they have just submitted.


Be confident in the rates you charge. Yes, some Movers at the lower end of the market will always focus on trying to offer the cheapest price possible, but most professional people (the type of customers you ideally want to move and who mainly use our site) are sophisticated enough to understand that choosing on price alone can lead to serious reliability and service level problems.

Single items

Our quote forms for single items are preceded by a notice clearly informing customers that our Movers normally have a two hour minimum charge and to only proceed with the request if they are happy to on that basis. This helps us to maintain lead quality and allows you to consistently quote your normal rates as appropriate, regardless of the size of the move.

Automated replies

Fully automated replies will normally see conversion rates drop as people like to know they are dealing with someone who has actually read their particular request. Pre-prepared quotes covering most scenarios can be used to save time yet still include the personal touch which customers are much more likely to respond to.

Preferred dates & time

Our forms specify that dates and times chosen by customers are their 'preferred' ones. Many people have some flexibility particularly if it is short notice or during the busy periods, so always offer alternative dates or times if necessary and consider maybe also offering a possible slight discount on occasion if the customer is willing to change to a less busy day.

Keep it clear & simple

Keeping it short is important especially as most emails are now viewed on mobile devices. Just include the most important information and use links if necessary to relevant pages on your website, such as to your full Terms etc. Also avoid bad grammar and spelling mistakes which look unprofessional and will definitely put some people off.

Call to action

Just before signing off your quote it's important to finish with a 'prompt' so the customer knows what to do next. Something along the lines of "If you would like to go ahead and book your move with us or have any questions simply reply to this email or call us on the number below".

Following up

After sending your email quote you may wish to wait a while and as appropriate follow up with a phone call. If so it's important to strike the right balance and use a friendly yet professional approach, without seeming 'pushy' which people dislike (see notes on undercutting).

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