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Mover Terms provides a Quote Request service that allows Users of it's website ("Users") to request quotes from Man with a Van type removal businesses. These Terms and Conditions ("T&Cs") govern confirmed participating Movers ("Movers") who have agreed to make use of's chargeable services. All Movers using the service offered by as outlined above acknowledge having read and accepted these T&Cs in their entirety. For Movers participating on a temporary trial basis, see "Provisional Movers" below.

Costs and Payment

Lead costs are as agreed with participating Movers who make use of's chargeable services (VAT is not currently applicable).

For all 'pay per lead' accounts the Mover is emailed a preliminary statement totalling the number of Quote Requests sent to the Mover for that month. The Mover then has five business days to submit notification of any non chargeable requests received (see below). A final invoice containing any necessary deductions is then emailed to the Mover, and the Mover agrees that payment of the balance due will be made within five business days of receipt of the invoice by Bank Transfer.

Contact Details

The Mover agrees that it will provide with a valid working email address, in particular so that they can receive the Quotation Requests from, and that they are responsible for ensuring that all other contact information and any other details regarding the Mover that they have provided to are correct and up to date. is not liable or accountable for Quotation Requests not received by the Mover, and the Mover agrees to pay for all Quotation Requests delivered to the contact information provided by the Mover.

Non chargeable Requests

The Mover will not be charged for any of the following Quote Requests: 1) Fictitious request where the Quote Request is obviously false. 2) Incorrect email address and phone number which prevent the Mover from providing a quote to the customer, as determined by their email bouncing and an unworkable phone number (non replies to quotes provided to customers with either a working email address or phone number are not eligible for reclaim). 3) Duplicate request where the details are identical to those of a customer for which the Mover has already received a prior Quote Request via within the previous five days. 4) Non London request, where both the 'moving from' and 'moving to' addresses of the Quote Request are both outside of the London postcode area (excluding viable long distance jobs that either start or finish within the M25 area). 5) Requests for jobs that are wholly unsuitable such as garden or building waste disposal, or moving a single item long distance. Any other instances not covered by the above will be considered individually and in all cases the Mover must submit notification of all non chargeable requests at the end of the calendar month within five business days of receipt of the preliminary statement (see Costs and Payment above). Non chargeable request claims that are not reported cannot be rolled over to the following month, and has the right at it's sole discretion, to decide whether any request is valid, and if so the appropriate credit will be issued against the Movers total of Quote Requests payable for the preceding month and an adjustment made to the final invoice.

Subcontracting and Privacy

These T&Cs are not transferable by the Mover to any third party, and the transfer of Quotation Requests received by the Mover or any confirmed bookings or work to third parties who are not direct employees, colleagues or regular assistants, whether free of charge or for financial remuneration is strictly prohibited and may contravene the Movers own obligations to which it is responsible under the Data Protection Act. Any transfer by the Mover of Quotation Requests to third parties may result in the immediate cancellation of the Mover's participation with

Provisional Movers

From time to time may identify suitable removal businesses (Provisional Movers) who may be interested in participating with this website. All Quote Requests received by Provisional Movers are supplied without charge on a free trial basis. Should the Provisional Mover subsequently choose to become a Participating Mover, formal notification should be sent by email to Normal charges for all further Quote Requests will then commence from the date of the notification.

Customer Feedback may from time to time contact Users of this website to ask for feedback and reviews in relation to services received from Movers. The Mover agrees that may contact the Mover's customers at ManwithaVan's sole discretion to obtain customer feedback.


1) The Mover may cancel it's membership of the service offered by at any time without notice by email or fax, and will under normal circumstances stop the delivery of Quotation Requests to the Mover within a maximum period of 2 business days. In the event of cancellation and from the time has been notified of the cancellation, no further charges will be applied to the Mover for any Quote Requests received. The Mover agrees that on cancellation all sums owed by the Mover to at the date of cancellation will become immediately payable.

2) Although reasonable efforts will always be made to resolve any potential difficulties that may arise with Movers or other Service Providers, reserves the right at its sole discretion to decide who to accept or retain as a participating Mover and who to provide its services to, and if deemed necessary may cancel its involvement with any Mover or Service Provider without notice.

Disclaimer acts only as a passive conduit to facilitate contact between Users and Movers, allowing Users to request Quotations for the work that they need to be carried out. All Quote Requests are provided in good faith and accepted by the Mover on the understanding that will not be liable for any loss, damage or expense incurred whatsoever. is not an agent of any User of this website, nor of any Mover, and will not be liable for, or mediate in, any dispute that may subsequently arise between a Mover and their customer.

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