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Good quality removal boxes make moving way easier...

Any experienced Mover will be able to tell you about a time when a sub standard cardboard box decided to empty it's contents half way down the stairs (despite the little bit of sellotape the customer stuck to the bottom). Yes it can be tempting to rely on the local corner shop at the last minute for your cardboard boxes, but unfortunately they won't be very strong or stackable.

Packing Boxes

Ok skip the rest and just take me to the boxes already! (5% discount for all Man with a Van referrals at check out).

Not all boxes are built for the same job, and some are just intended to hold a few bags of crisps. Removal standard boxes on the other hand, which can be either single or double walled, are sturdy enough to be placed one on top of the other and the bottoms do not fall out.

Making sure your belongings are well packed is one of the most important parts of moving home, and your Mover will love you for it. There's nothing that gladdens a Mover's heart more in the middle of a physically demanding day than the sight of a nicely stacked pile of good quality cardboard boxes that have been considerately packed.

Trolleys are all very nice on a flat surface with no obstructions but most of the time it's pure grunt work, especially when there are stairs or steps involved, and over packed moving boxes are a hazard that should be avoided.

Try to obtain enough boxes to spread the weight evenly and avoid overloading the larger ones, particularly with books, so they can be carried to and from the van comfortably. It may sound obvious, but a basic rule of thumb is if you struggle to lift a box yourself, it probably really is too heavy to be carried to the van safely by anyone including your Mover.

Boxes are relatively inexpensive and easily recycled

Good standard packing boxes are reasonably cheap, and when you consider their importance in making the whole moving process easier and safer for everyone, it really makes that little extra investment worthwhile.

After your move is over and depending on the amount of space you have you could continue to use the boxes for storage, or if you move home often you could maybe flat-pack them and keep for next time, or if you just want to get rid of them pick the most convenient recycling method and let them become born again boxes for someone else to move home with.

You can purchase all of your boxes and packaging through our current supplier and usually have them delivered to you in London the next working day.

A variety of different moving packs are also available to cover every scenario, plus office storage crates, furniture protectors and an assortment of general packaging accessories.

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IMPORTANT - Please note we gain a small commission on these sales but rest assured we will only ever refer our users to packaging companies who we believe provide a reliable service supplying high quality moving boxes that are built to removals standard and designed specifically for moving home. While care is always taken before referring our users to any third party site, you should always make your own checks as necessary to ensure any products or services offered meet your requirements.

  • - Automatic 5% discount applied at checkout for all Man with a Van referrals.

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Removal Boxes

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