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Decide how many helpers you need.

Our Movers will usually give you the option of having either one or two helpers, or more depending on the size of the removal. The driver is counted as one helper and it's usually worth opting for another helper if you have any large heavy items, especially if there are stairs involved or you prefer not to assist in any way.

Provide useful info.

Try to supply as much helpful information as you can before the move, particularly with regard to the items that need to be moved, along with any useful details about the parking situation at your address and any flexibility you have on time or dates. If you have any specific requirements such as needing assistance with dismantling furniture etc, it's also best to let your Mover know in advance to ensure they are prepared.

Boxing up.

Make sure your belongings are well packed to protect them in transit and enable your Mover to work more quickly and efficiently. Avoid leaving your packing to the last minute and being forced to scrape together used boxes from the local supermarket. They will almost certainly be too flimsy to safely hold your belongings inside, and you should ideally purchase some good quality moving boxes which are relatively inexpensive.

Avoid overloading boxes.

It's surprisingly easy to over-pack large moving boxes to the point where they become difficult to carry, even for strong Movers. Always try to obtain enough boxes and spread the weight evenly, particularly large boxes containing books. As you fill each box keep an eye on the weight by trying to tilt them up. Remember these boxes will usually need to be carried to the van which can sometimes be a very long way away, with stairs and numerous doors to be negotiated along the route.

Be ready.

Unless otherwise agreed with your Mover, always be ready to go for the time arranged. Good Movers like to work fast and efficiently as soon as they arrive and will really appreciate anything you might be able to do to help them in some way. If possible try to prop doors open in advance to provide a clear route between the van and your belongings, and stack the boxes close to the exit doorway so they can be taken and loaded into the van first. Delicate items like picture frames or anything easily breakable should be protected with ample bubble wrap or covered to prevent accidental damage.


As we all know, parking in London can be a problem at the best of times but is particularly so when you are trying to park as close to someone's front door as possible. Unless you have already arranged a reserved parking space with your local council (which is really a necessity for large moves) if possible try to do what you can within reason to facilitate a space close to your property. Having said that, Movers are experts at finding the best spot to pull up and single yellow lines normally allow for loading and unloading during the day, so there is usually somewhere to park even if it's a bit further along the road than hoped for.

Read your Mover's terms.

As with any other type of business each removal company will have their own particular set of terms and conditions. These will aim to cover every potential scenario, and are there purely as a safeguard for both parties in case of a problem. They are almost never required but if there is any particular aspect of your move that you are unsure about, such as how your Mover accepts payment or what the incremental charges will be if you go over any allocated time, either ask your Mover directly or have a look at their terms.

Trust your Mover's judgement.

Lastly, try to relax and don't be afraid to let your Man with a Van Mover take the lead where possible. Remember they do this every day for a living, know the quickest and most efficient way of working, and are there to help you. Our Movers enjoy their work and like nothing more than a satisfied customer when it's all over.

Happy Moving!

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