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Last Updated May 27, 2023. provides a Quote Request service that allows Users of it's website ("Users") to request quotes from our registered removal operators ("Movers"). Please read our following 'Terms of Use' carefully. By using this website Users accept and agree to these terms and conditions in their entirety, and to our use of cookies and data in accordance with our privacy policy.

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Whilst reasonable endeavour is always made to ensure that every service provider that is registered with us to receive quote requests via our website is of a reputable and professional standard, we must include the following disclaimer in accordance with normal and responsible business procedure. is not a removal service provider, we do not provide any removal services, nor endorse or recommend the services and/or products of any Mover or other business that is either listed on or receives quote requests via this website.

We are not an agent of the User of this website, nor of any Mover or other service or product provider, and will not be liable to you for any actions or omissions of any Mover, their agent, or any other service or product provider subsequently contracted or otherwise. No third party beneficiary relationship is intended to be conferred by making the services of this website available to Users or Movers.

Our services are free to the User and of an administrative nature only. Due to various factors outside of our control we do not guarantee a quote will always be supplied, or that any of our registered Movers will have suitable availability.

When we receive a quote request via this website an automatic reply is generated and immediately sent to the User's email address detailing the name and contact details of the registered Mover that will be providing a quote to that User. It is the User's responsibility to ensure they provide a correct working email address in order to receive this notification, and we accept no responsibility in the event it is not received for any reason.

When corresponding with different Movers it is the responsibility of Users to make sure they only make a booking with one Moving company. Failure to do so may result in the User being liable to reimburse any additional Mover(s) they have booked with for their time and expense, at that particular Mover's own discretion.

Users accept it is their responsibility to confirm to their satisfaction that any Mover they book with has current and adequate insurance coverage, and the service offered meets their own specific requirements.

We are not involved in any actual financial transactions or agreements between Users and Movers, and will not mediate or get involved in any disputes between Users and Movers that may subsequently arise.

We act only as a passive conduit to facilitate contact between Users and Movers, and you, the User, hereby expressly grant us permission to disclose any and all information you provide through this website to any Mover in accordance with our privacy policy and as we, at our sole discretion, deem appropriate to match the User's needs with our registered Mover's service capabilities.

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