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Unusual Rituals To Try When Moving Into A New Home

Moving house might be stressful, but it’s also very exciting. Perhaps you are moving in with your partner, finding a place for your family to grow or even just moving out of your parent’s home for the first time.

Unusual Rituals To Try When Moving Into A New Home

Not only is there a novelty factor to a new home, but it also represents a time of change and upheaval. It’s the perfect time to refresh your mind and start a new chapter in your life. With this in mind, we’re looking at some of the most popular moving house rituals from around the world.

If you want to bring good luck and prosperity to your new home, why not consider these popular rituals...

Leave your old broom behind

In some cultures, it’s considered bad luck to take your old broom into a new home. Instead, you should consider it a fresh start and leave your old broom behind. It’s easy to see the appeal of this superstition. Who wants to bring dirt from their old home with them? It's a great opportunity to start fresh – quite literally – and leave negative energy behind. So pick up some new cleaning supplies and carry them into the house by the main door – another important step.

Some people take this even further and use it as an excuse to buy a new vacuum cleaner, but we’ll leave this up to you. Perhaps just make sure you empty the dust cylinder before you move!

Sprinkle rice and salt on the floor

This is an old Feng Shui ritual thought to rid the house (or office) of negative energy. You start by mixing equal parts of raw salt and raw rice. You then work your way around the perimeter of the house throwing the mixture at the base of the walls. 

The rice is offered to Mother Earth while the salt rids the space of negative energy. You then leave the salt and rice overnight and vacuum it up the next day. This should never be swept up as the sweeping negates the cleansing ritual.

Boil milk and rice

Another popular house blessing involves allowing a pot of rice and milk to bubble over. This symbolises purity and long life. This is an ancient Hindu tradition to ensure abundance in your new home. It’s also common to serve sweetened milk and rice to your house guests as a first meal.

Light a candle

If you want a simple first-night ritual to make you feel at home in your new house, why not try lighting a candle? This act helps to bring light to your home and drive away the darkness. Lighting candles is at the heart of most religious ceremonies and blessings. If your home has a fireplace, this is even better! Light that fire and ward away any negative energy in your home.

Burn sage

Burning sage in a home is a ceremony performed by many Indigenous Peoples in North America. It is sometimes referred to as smudging. A stick of tightly wound dried sage and other fragrant herbs is burned and allowed to smoke in a small dish or shell. The person blessing the home will then work their way clockwise, waving the smoke over the space and reciting a blessing or prayer.

It’s common to turn off all electrical devices and cover mirrors while the blessing is taking place. Not only is smudging a ritual to help ward off negative energy, but it’s also effective for cleaning the air. A study found that smudging can remove up to 94% of bacteria from the air.

Bring bread and salt into the home

The Eastern European and Slavic tradition is so popular, it has even been adopted on the International Space Station. The first thing that is brought into a new home should always be bread and salt. These two items are symbols of wealth and prosperity. The bread symbolises an abundance of food, and the salt symbolises an abundance of flavour. In some countries, estate agents will leave behind bread and salt for new tenants!

Host a housewarming

You might not realise that hosting a housewarming party is about more than just showing off your new pad. Planning a housewarming party soon after moving in helps to invite positive energy, laughter and joy into your home. It’s common to cook a meal for those people who have helped you move house and settle in. As if you needed an excuse to plan a party!

If you are going to try any of these rituals, make sure you're all done before your movers arrive. I can't imagine any mover would be happy to wait around while you smudge your new home!

– London Mover

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