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Summary of our London Removal Services

In the distant past when a reasonably high percentage of London residents lived in large family sized houses, if you happened to be moving home from smaller accommodation your options for using a local removal company were usually limited as most concentrated on the larger removals that required a really big lorry. Well times have of course changed in many ways, and not only because of the reduced vehicle access and more limited parking.

Moving home in London

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The average living space in London has shrunk considerably with most people living in much smaller (often furnished) accommodation and the need to hire a huge vehicle to move home has diminished accordingly. As a consequence a new breed of London removal company has emerged offering a comprehensive service with highly competitive prices.

Often starting from humble beginnings, many well established Man With A Van companies in London have now grown sufficiently to offer a complete range of professional removal services that includes moving everything from a single large item through to flat, house and office removals.

There are a variety of different van sizes that are commonly used starting with the well known Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit vans, either medium wheelbase (MWB) or long wheelbase (LWB), which are ideal for carrying out small removals such as a move from a flatshare or studio.

The next size up is usually the Luton 3.5 tonne van (with tail lift) which is perfect for carrying out removals from a small to medium sized flat with one or two bedrooms, or a small office removal. And finally the Luton 7.5 tonnes lorry is the standard size most commonly used for a large flat or house removal. This reliable work horse is more than capable of handling a three bedroom home with all the usual furniture and white goods.

Small Moves from Flatshares and Studios

This is the most common type of removal service required by the majority of young professionals in London who move home frequently. It may just be your personal items you need to move, or there could also be some furniture. Either way, it's more of a budget removal with usually a two hour minimum charge that starts on arrival at the customer's address.

It's generally accepted that the customer assists the driver to some degree with the loading and unloading of their goods, or to avoid this the option to hire a second helper is usually offered for a slightly higher price at the time of booking.

Although most flatshare moves can normally be carried out with a Transit sized van, the actual size of the van used can vary depending on availability. However this doesn't normally affect the cost as much as the number of helpers required. In fact many removal companies in London prefer to run fleets of Luton vans because they can carry out most removals using a Luton regardless of the size of the move.

The average hourly rates for these types of small budget removals in London are fairly standardised among most London based moving companies, and the temptation to just look for the cheapest removals service you can find should really be avoided.

Small Flat Removals

A small flat removal, particularly with furniture, will often require a Luton 3.5 tonne van, which normally comes equipped with tail lift to make loading and unloading heavy items easier. If you are moving from a furnished property and have little more than your boxes, it's very likely they would all fit inside a Transit van. However as explained above the actual vehicle used for each move has as much to do with a removal company's day to day availability as it does on the size of the removal required.

Rest assured though, assuming you have been reasonably accurate with your list of belongings, it is unlikely a vehicle will be allocated that is too small (unless you have already agreed more than one trip in advance). Because to do so would require either an unscheduled second trip or a further vehicle to be allocated to the move at short notice, both of which can really ruin a good removal controller's day.

Small Office Removals

Small offices of up to around ten people can normally be carried out without too much fuss depending on the amount of office furniture and equipment to be moved. As with a domestic move, the same principles apply, and in advance of your move it's essential that all accessories and valuable hardware are securely packed and labelled either in appropriate moving boxes or storage crates.

Also, because offices tend to be located in busy commercial areas, special consideration should be given to vehicle access and parking. If you are planning a large office removal of over ten people it would be advisable to seek a company that specialises mainly in commercial removals from offices. Your premises will need to be properly surveyed and the move planned well in advance due to the many variables that can affect the time and degree of difficulty involved.

Full Flat and House Removals

If you are moving from a large flat or house with a lot of furniture such as a family sized home with up to three or four bedrooms, the removals company estimator might offer to visit you in advance to gauge the size of the move along with other factors such as the ease of access and parking situation before providing a customised quote. In some cases you may also be offered the option of a full packing service.

Obviously this is going to be the most expensive type of removal, but compared to the past when these types of moves were really only handled exclusively by large companies with equally large overheads, prices have come down considerably. For these types of moves a Luton 7.5 tonnes vehicle would most likely be used

Still need something bigger?

If you are moving from anything bigger than a four bedroom home it may still be best to have a look at what some of the large removal companies can offer from the list of well known professional moving companies in London that we've put together for your assistance (please note as always you should ensure you are completely happy with the proposed service being offered before entering into any agreement).

NB. Please be aware that most Man With A Van removals companies do not provide a service going outside of the UK due to the excessive time and expense involved which is not normally appropriate for a small to medium sized load. If you need to move a relatively small to medium load to the European continent you should ideally search for a specialist operator that carries out regular scheduled trips which are more economically viable for all parties involved.

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